Forelife™ Ultra Sensitive In-Stream Fertility Test (2 Tests)



Forelife™ Ultra Sensitive In-Stream Fertility Test

The Forelife™ Fertility home test gives you the control and power to easily measure and track hormone levels during this sensitive period in the privacy and convenience of your home. With correct answers about your hormone levels, you can know for certain about your fertility status so you are able to make informed choices about family planning.

The Forelife™ Fertility home test measures the level of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) in your urine. FSH is always present in the body, but more of this hormone is produced when ovaries slow down the production of eggs. High levels of FSH are associated with low oestrogen levels. By measuring your FSH level with the Forelife™ Fertility Test, you can identify your fertility status. A negative test indicates the presence of FSH at a concentration below 25 milli-International Units/millilitre (mIU/ml) which may indicate normal fertility.


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