Pregnancy fact or fiction

Pregnancy fact or fiction Recent posts There are SO many misconceptions and theories behind pregnancy. And although everyone’s pregnancy journey is different and special in their own way, we’re about to put a few wives tales to rest… The Drano test: This scary one suggests that you mix a sample of your urine with Drano. The […]

Pregnancy: things to think about

Pregnancy: things to think about Recent posts Quit smoking: As a smoker you decrease your chance of getting pregnant by 50% and think of the money you will save. Get fit: A healthy body and a healthy weight both assist with conception. Stop drinking alcohol: It’s a proven fact that getting pregnant is harder if […]

On the lighter side

On the lighter side Recent posts Ever wondered why you are with the partner you chose? Not all meets the eye; literally! Check out the following link from the very interesting ABC TV science program ‘Catalyst’, discussing ‘The Chemistry of Attraction’… See how we humans attract: P.S. Forelife has a cameo role at the […]

The signs of pregnancy

The signs of pregnancy Recent posts So, your body is showing signs of change common to those of pregnancy symptoms. Let’s break down a few that are going to affect you personally during pregnancy. Food cravings: Yes, we know there is no scientific evidence but there is that strange “something”. Don’t place too much faith in them […]