Pregnancy fact or fiction

There are SO many misconceptions and theories behind pregnancy. And although everyone’s pregnancy journey is different and special in their own way, we’re about to put a few wives tales to rest…

The Drano test: This scary one suggests that you mix a sample of your urine with Drano. The colour change will tell you boy or girl BUT there is no consensus on what colour equals which sex. *Be warned: you’re handling harsh fumes and the potential for an explosion… 😐

Carrying high, carrying low: The old wives story goes that if you’re carrying low, you’re having a boy and if you are carrying high, then you are having a girl. Sorry but there is no scientific evidence to this: the way you carry is determined by muscle/uterine tone and the position of your baby.

Sweet and sour: If you can’t get enough chocolate and fairy floss you must be having a girl but if you fancy a nice tall glass of lemon juice it’s footy boots instead of ballet shoes. Cravings mean so much, only problem is those guys in the white coats shout ‘rubbish’ because according to them cravings don’t exist.

The heart rate test: This one has been around for some time and for a while had some considerable acceptance within the medical community. The story says that the fetal heartbeat varies from boys and girls. A fetal heart rate above 120 indicates a girl and below 120 start knitting the blue booties.Enter the experts in the white coats again who tell us it’s all fiction and a baby’s heart rate is not affected by its sex until it is born.

The fat test: This is not about your weight gain, it’s about your partner. If he puts on weight during your pregnancy it’s a pink nursery. If he doesn’t put on a ounce, break out the racing car curtains.

Toothless story: You will lose a tooth for every baby you have… Not going to happen. This must come from the days when pregnant women didn’t get enough calcium but not a concern today

Pregnancy shorts: Sexual positions can determine baby’s sex… Not a chance.

Because my husband has lots of brothers we have more chance of a baby boy… Sorry, also wrong.

Tight fitting underwear is not good for a mans reproduction process… Ding! Correct, overheating is not good for sperm quality and production.

The best judge…

With so much mumbo-jumbo around it’s very interesting to note the following. In a study of pregnant women who knew nothing about the sex of their child over 70% of them guessed correctly as to the sex of their baby. Could that be why ‘Mother always knows best?’ 

– Your Forelife Family™